Wordpress Functions

The files of WordPress characterize many helpful PHP functions. A portion of the functions, known as Template Tags, are characterized particularly for use in WordPress Themes. There are likewise a few functions identified with actions and filters (the Plugin API), which are in this way utilized principally for creating Plugins. The rest are utilized to make the core WordPress functionality. Huge numbers of the core WordPress functions are helpful to Plugin and Theme developers.


Functions : Convert a value to non-negative integer.


Functions : Attempts activation of plugin in a “sandbox” and redirects on success.


Functions : Activate multiple plugins.


Functions : Deprecated functionality for activating a network-only plugin.


Functions : Adds slashes to escape strings.
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Wordpress Hooks

In WordPress theme and development, Hooks are functions that can be applied to an Action or a Filter in WordPress. Actions and Filters in WordPress are functions that can be altered by theme and plugin developers to change the default WordPress functionality.

Functions used to alter Actions/Filters in WordPress can be hooked into WordPress. In any case, note that actions and filters are not some thing very similar. Actions are functions performed when a specific occasion happens in WordPress. Filters enable you to change certain functions. Arguments used to hook the two filters and actions appear to be identical. Be that as it may, they are different in functionality and how they carry on.


Filter Hook : Filter the number of items per page to show for a specific ‘per_page’ type.

‘handle_bulk_actions-‘ . get_current_screen()->id

Filter Hook : Fires when a custom bulk action should be handled.

‘handle_network_bulk_actions-‘ . get_current_screen()->id

Filter Hook : Fires when a custom bulk action should be handled.


Filter Hook : Fires after a plugin has been activated.


Filter Hook : Fires after a network site is activated.
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Wordpress Classes

A class is an entity that determines how an object will behave and what the object will contain. In other words, it is a blueprint or a set of instruction to build a specific type of object. The files of WordPress define many useful PHP Classes. This Site will try to list all/most of the core classes.


Class : Structure that store Atom Entry Properties


Class : Structure that store common Atom Feed Properties


Class : AtomLib Atom Parser API


Class : Upgrader Skin for Automatic WordPress Upgrades


Class : Bulk Plugin Upgrader Skin for WordPress Plugin Upgrades.
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Wordpress Methods

Method is actually a function used in the context of a class/object. When you create a function outside of a class/object, you can call it a function but when you create a function inside a class, you can call it a method. This Site will try to list all/most of the core Methods.